Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Read loves his Daddy. It is very sweet to see his excitement when David comes home from work. When Daddy is home, Read is his little shadow. It is amazing that at such a young age, they learn and mimic the examples around them. Just tonight, Read was trying to help Daddy load the bicycles in the truck. The other night, he was trying to fertilize the grass--just like Daddy.

I love this picture. Read went and found a magazine and then joined Daddy on the couch. It was taken back in Dec.-Christmas Eve. David loves his hair in this picture! It was Christmas Eve Morning. We were all just chillin'!

I am grateful that though he is Daddy's little shadow, during the day when David is at work, Read makes me feel loved. He saves his favoritism for when David is home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little one on its way!

It is difficult to imagine but our clan is expanding! This new little one will be joining our family in Aug. We had our 20 week ultrasound today. We did not find out the gender. I had always thought it would be fun to have a surprise when we had a boy and a girl. Well, we finally have both so here is our opportunity. It has been so tempting to cave in. There certainly are advantages to finding out early. Thankfully, David has been on board with the idea. I ultimately decided I would regret not waiting.

The ultrasound was still exciting and always a miracle to see the little life growing inside! The technician was amazing and very talkative. She was very supportive to us waiting and said we would avoid the area all together. This little one looks great and my placenta is great this time so we are going to try for a VBAC. The Doctors are very encouraging and say I am the perfect candidate. On the way out, the technician did say, I do know what you are having!! David was intently looking the whole time hoping to accidentally find out! She said she went so quickly by, we never would have known! So crazy not to know right now! Looking forward to Christmas in August!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

How thirsty are you?

This little man makes me laugh. He has been able to get his own drink of water from the refrigerator for a long time. But his choice of a "cup" today made me laugh.

I love his independence and ingenuity. He is such a problem solver.
He was obviously really thirsty!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Few Firsts

Here are the kiddos on the first day of school! They were all excited. Christina handle the fact that her first day of school was still a week away. Thank you grandma for the cute first day outfits!

Savannah was a pro and was headed to 3rd grade with her teacher from last year. She was excited to have her best friend in her class again. She was very excited to have Sadie ride the bus with her.

Sadie was entering kindergarten. I was glad she was scheduled for the morning. She was glad to have friends she knew in her class.

Christina would be starting CHUM preschool. I have never sent any of the kids to a 3s preschool program but this felt right or her. She was so excited to have something special for her to do. Her teacher is fabulous!

Read gets one on one time with mom twice a week! Too bad for him, we use it for errands often!

They grow up too fast! It is starting out to be a great school year!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Days are Ending

Sadly our wonderful summer days are ending! We have had a fabulous summer like no other. We spent 5 weeks out west swimming, playing with cousins, eating, four wheeling, playing on the beach, missing our daddy for 3 of those weeks (while he went back home in order to stay employed), visiting the temple, hanging with family to name a few things. I hope to write more about our time in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and Oregon. We had so much fun and surprisingly were not ready to come home.

I am not ready for the busy schedule that comes with school and other activities. It has been so nice to be uncommitted all summer long. Fall is going to be busy. We will have a 3rd grader, Kindergartner, and a preschooler; 2 in soccer with their dad as the coach, 2 in piano with their mom as the teacher-along with some other students; photography keeping David very busy with school pictures and Christmas cards; and thats just for starters. Should I wonder why I am sad to see summer go?

In a few days, I will stop being sad and turn my focus forward because there are great things in change and schedules and Fall in Michigan.

Above is cute Christina and Sarah, looking out over the Oregon Coast in Lincon City. They were attempting not to get wet as we were going to have a family photo shoot. They were almost successful!

I love having a photographer in the house. It is just not always easy to get a family photo. We did attempt to get one on the beach in Oregon.

Maybe it is just the mom who isn't ready. They sure look bored.
Can't you just hear them saying "Is it over yet?"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Sadie's preschool had a mother's day tea. It was a special treat to spend some quality one on one time with my Sadie lady! She was so cute about every detail. She made sure I found my seat with a cute name card that was actually a little purse. She found out what I wanted to drink and served it to me. We had fruit, cheese and crackers. The class performed some cute songs to us. One of them was Skida Ma rink A Dink. That probably isn't the official title but at least that is how I can remember it.

Thanks Sadie for A wonderful afternoon. I love you too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little Peice of Heaven

There are a few moments in life when I have clearly seen, felt, and known what this life is really all about. March 21st was one of those special days. Savannah had chosen to be baptized with her cousins on that day. All grandparents were able to come and participate along with many other family members and friends.

It was pure joy to see David and Savannah dressed in white enter the waters of baptism. Savannah was brightly beaming from ear to ear. I love how David bent over to kiss her on the head before using his priesthood to baptize her into Christ's church. I love that she choose to wear the white dress I wore after I was baptized. I love that she wanted me to make her a white dress to wear after she was baptized just as my mom had done for me. How special it was to have the 3 cousins share their special day! Thank you Chip and Liz for driving here!!

Savannah, Chase and Ally chose to sing "If The Savior Stood Beside Me". As they practiced during the week prior the the baptism, I would tear up. As the sang on their baptism day, Icried tears of joy. It was a little piece of heaven! Their beautiful, angelic voices blended perfectly as they bore witness to us of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be her mother. What a tremendous example she is to me.

Later that day as we shared our thoughts and feelings of the day, Savannah shared with me that she could not put into words what she felt but it was the greatest feeling she had ever known! Savannah, you have worn 2 white dresses. What a wonderful day will be to see you in your 3rd white dress!

Here is Savannah wearing the dress I was baptized in.